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What We Do

Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc (RASI) is the payment integrity expert providing creative solutions for our clients. RASI understands the intricacies of the healthcare industry and our team of professionals provides our clients with effective and efficient strategic perspectives. RASI focuses on creating innovative processes with proven results while maintaining the highest level of quality, professionalism, accuracy, and exceptional customer service.

Our Approach

Our partnership and commitment to our clients is to analyze, validate, improve, and execute cost savings initiatives.  Our highly structured approach and proprietary algorithms are managed by professionals who have significant healthcare experience and steadfast dedication. We understand that without turning data into information, which in turn yields actionable insight, most efforts are incomplete.


RASI’s leading edge tools, data analytics and proprietary algorithms coupled with our healthcare professionals’ expertise have an established track record for accurate, ethical, and cost-effective reviews.


Industry Experts: Medical doctors, nurses and/or certified coders


Results Driven: Solve payment integrity and compliance challenges


Accuracy Rate: 98.9% uncontested results

RASI understands that without turning data into information which in turn yields actionable insights, most efforts are incomplete.

Why the Hummingbird?

Recovery Audit Solutions (RASI)

About Our Company

Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc. (RASI) provides a broad range of payment integrity auditing services to every facet of the healthcare industry. Our healthcare professionals have an established track record for accurate and ethical audit reviews. RASI’s goal is to partner with our clients to identify potential issues, recommend solutions and protect our clients bottom-line.


Our mission is to empower our clients to reduce or eliminate payment errors.


Partnering to provide insight and meaning to your everyday healthcare data.


RASI by the Numbers

With the healthcare industry’s rising number of medical claims coupled with complex rules we make it our business to audit every claim.


Accuracy Rate

Team Years Experience

Billion Audited in Claims