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Christine Castelli

President & CEO

Christine Castelli is the President and CEO of Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc., (RASI), a woman owned business. Christine has more than 25 years of highly diverse experience in Healthcare, Information Technology, and the Legal industries. Ms. Castelli is a recognized leader and innovator experienced in the Medicare, Medicaid and commercial healthcare sectors specializing in payment integrity, data analytics, claim processing and auditing, process improvements, fraud, waste and abuse, pharmacy, coordination of benefits, third party liability, subrogation, credit balance, provider relations, and contract compliance.

Ms. Castelli held a leadership role as the PRGX Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare overseeing organizational development, planning, operations and administration for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial accounts. Christine was the Vice President of Client Services Federal Operations at Thomson Reuters with oversight of daily operations for all federal contracts and emerging markets. She was the Connolly Healthcare Principal for the CMS Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Demonstration and National Program. Ms. Castelli was the Director of Operations Support at Keystone Mercy Health Plan where she was responsible for the daily operations and quality improvement for Medicaid plans in seven states. She also worked in the legal field within the areas of subrogation, personal injury, coordination of benefits and medical cost containment.

Ms. Castelli serves as a board member and advisor for several organizations.

Thieu Le

Chief Information Officer 

Thieu Le, the CIO of Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc., (RASI) is responsible for the oversight of IT staff, data processing and technology.

Mr. Le has over two decades of experience working with healthcare technology and has proven abilities in strategic planning, managing complex projects, team building, consolidating and improving process efficiencies, as well as creating systems or solutions to adapt to business requirements. Thieu is well versed in all aspects of claim submission and claim adjudication. He also has extensive experience in claim auditing in Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health plans.

Prior to Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc., Thieu was employed as the PRGX Vice President of Healthcare Data Services and Solutions where he was responsible for all data processing on behalf of Medicare, Medicaid, commercial and the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) projects. Thieu designed and developed the claim auditing system at Cotiviti (formerly Connolly Healthcare) for the Recovery Audit Contractor, (RAC) Demonstration and National projects. He was also the technical project lead for the multi-year Facets implementation project to upgrade the claim processing system at AmeriHealth Caritas (formerly Keystone Mercy Health Plan).

Gina Milito

Chief Operations Officer

Gina Milito is the COO at Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc., (RASI).  Ms. Milito’s expertise spans over 25 years in healthcare with extensive experience in payment integrity initiatives for commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers. Ms. Milito has spent her career overseeing the implementation, management and operations of cost containment, medical chart reviews, automated reviews, third party liability, coordination of benefits and subrogation departments for multiple payors and health care agencies.

Ms. Milito was Manager of Audit Operations at Cotiviti (formerly Connolly Healthcare) for coordination of benefits and played a lead role in the growth and development of the department, projects, and staff following Cotiviti’s award of the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) demonstration project. She was an Operations Manager at Health Partners Plans and AmeriHealth Caritas (formerly Keystone Mercy Health Plan) overseeing cost containment, third party liability, coordination of benefits, medical chart review and subrogation departments.

Joseph Castelli

Director of HUMAN RESOURCES & Organizational Development

Joseph Castelli is the Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development for Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc., (RASI). Mr. Castelli has over 12 years of experience managing human resources and operations departments within the healthcare industry and is highly experienced in facilitating change initiatives, developing organizations, managing company culture, and orchestrating successful employee and executive training. Joseph held a previous role with Cotiviti, formerly Connolly Healthcare, in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Recovery Audit Contractor (CMS RAC) program.

Mr. Castelli holds a master’s degree in Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University.

Denise McFarland

Director of Quality Assurance & Concept Development

Denise McFarland is the Director of QA and Concept Development at Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc., (RASI). Ms. McFarland has over twenty years of diverse experience in healthcare, coding, business strategy, and information technology. Ms. McFarland’s experience includes the oversight of quality assurance, DRG medical chart review, medical necessity review and concept development.

Ms. McFarland was the Manager of Audit Operations at Cotiviti (formerly Connolly Healthcare) overseeing staff for the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Demonstration and National projects. She was a lead coder for Einstein Montgomery Hospital (formerly known as Montgomery Hospital) and Sacred Heart Hospital.

Denise McFarland is a certified coding specialist (CCS) and a board member for several organizations.