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Administrative Compliance

Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc. (RASI) performs a payment integrity analysis of prepaid and postpaid claims data to determine if services were provided based on contractual, policy and procedural standards. RASI’s experienced staff utilize cutting-edge tools and technology to deliver accurate audit results and identify process improvement recommendations for our clients.

Core Competencies

Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc. (RASI) provides a broad range of payment integrity, data analytics, auditing, and compliance services for our clients. RASI’s experienced staff has the technical knowledge and skillset to perform audit reviews on all services and claim types.

Review Types

RASI reviews the appropriateness of billing by looking for excessive units billed, code definitions, medically reasonable limits or limits imposed by policy. RASI also reviews to make sure all coding was correctly billed, which includes review for unbundling of services, duplicate billing, and inappropriate modifier usage.

Personal Injury Medical Review Validation

Recovery Audit Solutions Inc. (RASI) are the industry experts in identifying and validating accident-related claims. RASI’s staff of Paralegals, Certified Coders, Nurses, and Medical Doctors are experts in accurately identifying and validating accident-related injury claims.